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Maija Sofia

Bath Time

Trapped Animal


Released: 22nd Nov 2019


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Released: 22nd Nov 2019


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a striking debut from the irish indie folk songstress that locates lyrically rich songwriting within deeply atmospheric textures.

as one of Ireland’s most lauded young folk artists she’s produced a timeless album, inspired by story-driven traditional folk-ballads, shone through the lens of punk DIY ethos. The album deals with the ways in which women's voices, stories and desires have been side-lined and misrepresented throughout history. ‘The Gold Shoes’, is a mystical, ethereal opening before the melancholic ‘Hail Mary’, which starts soft, but the music grows in power as Sofia interrogates the sexual hypocrisy of the Catholic church, and the harp feeds into the haunting sound with effortless complexity and depth. Fans of cat power, adrianne lenker and Joanna newsom will love it. “A heavenly blend of lo-fi and dream pop. Think Jesus and Mary Chain meets Angel Olsen.” - Hot Press.

Bath Time


  1. The Gold Shoes
  2. Hail Mary
  3. Edie Sedgwick
  4. The Wife of Michel Cleary
  5. The Glitter
  6. Cobweb
  7. Morning
  8. Elizabeth
  9. The Trees They Do Grow High