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Live From Loreley

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Released: 13th Jul 2009



Released: 16th Aug 2004


Live From Loreley


  1. Overture (The Thieving Magpie) (Live)
  2. Slainte Mhath (Live)
  3. Assassing (Live)
  4. Script For A Jester's Tear (Live)
  5. Incubus (Live)
  6. Sugar Mice (Live)
  7. Hotel Hobbies (Live)
  8. Warm Wet Circles (Live)
  9. That Time Of The Night (Live)
  10. Kayleigh (Live)
  11. Lavender (Live)
  12. Bitter Suite (Medley) (Live)
  13. Heart Of Lothian (Live)
  14. The Last Straw (Live)
  15. Incommunicado (Live)