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Special Edition Part 1


DELUXE EDITION new zeland exclusive 2lp

Released: 24th Jul 2020



Released: 10th Jan 2020


Freddy’s back! and he’s been on a diet – who am I kidding? this one is packed with dub-caked drops from the Kiwi collective that are just as smooth and buttery as they ever have been.

Guaranteed to get you vibing along like you’re knee-deep in summer, these supremely crafted tracks, that were recorded at Freddy’s own BAYS studio in hometown Wellington, the deep musical and rich vocal layers reflect Freddy’s inspiration from the black music lexicon and is a response to the crowd energy at their world dominating live shows. we can barely contain ourselves for part 2!

Special Edition Part 1


  1. Kamo Kamo
  2. OneFourteen
  3. Raleigh Twenty
  4. Special Edition
  5. Trickle Down
  6. Six-Eight Instrumental