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will samson


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Musically it bends subtly between folk and electronica, where little pulses of experimental flourishes sit next to Samson’s evocative vocals.

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  1. Calescent
  2. Beyond The Dust
  3. Flowerbed
  4. Triplet
  5. Lacuna
  6. The Human Mosaic
  7. Ochre Alps
  8. The Smallest Sliver

will samson


Wichita Recordings
  • limited clear LP + Download

    Released: 6th Dec 2019

  • CD

    Released: 6th Dec 2019


Samson’s voice has never sounded more moving, committed or confident, his yearning falsetto as touching as his gentle tenor.

comparisons to Sufjan Stevens and Patrick Watson are not inappropriate - while his arrangements are intricate yet never ostentatious, with precisely detailed programming inseparable from the warmth of his analogue instrumentation. a conspicuously tender thread runs through these eight songs, from ‘Calescent’, its eloquently poignant opener, to ‘Lacuna’’s fuzzy nostalgia, from ‘Beyond The Dust’s sweet serenity to ‘The Smallest Sliver’s redemptive fragility.