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Alexandre Bazin | Wladyslaw Trejo

Red Ochre & Movida

polytechnic youth

limited edition numbered gold 7"

Released: 22nd Nov 2019

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Acting as a taster of sorts, for two amazing full lengths due around the start of 2020 for Polytechnic Youth, this second November release on PY offers up a killer dual artist 45, with tracks from renowned French electronic artist Alexandre Bazin and the fabulous Wladyslaw Trejo.

Alexandre Bazin is a current member of the renowned ‘Groupe de Recherches Musicales’ (GRM), based in Paris, France. His work “considers the sonic experience drawing on a rich mix of acoustic instrumentation and analogue synthesis. As an experimentalist music researcher, Bazin’s compositional projects are primarily concerned with a very personal seal on a music of emotional power”. “Red Ochre” is a taster to his wonderful new full length scheduled on PY for early 2020. The flip is, -of the two- arguably the more immediate of the two tracks here, the incredible “Movida” by Wladyslaw Trejo. In your face from the off, this high tempo, electro-punk banger tips it’s hat in equal measure to Suicide, Chrome with a touch of Richard Pinhas thrown in too. Trejo is a Spanish musician forged in the underground scene and known for his roles with synthwave duo ‘Slovenska Televiza’. In his solo project, Trejo leans more towards his punk side whilst revealing, in his words: “an intimate side with no qualms about tearing the ribs out and exposing the soul; and the fears and evil that lurks in us all! A dark and psychotropic journey in the form of feverish electronics, with industrial rhythms and almost paranoid walls of sound. ‘Movida’ is a taster to a full length also on Polytechnic Youth in 2020. The track narrates the difficulties of being young, going out to party and becoming involved in fights without looking for one” A superb 45 released in an edition of 300 gold vinyl, dinked 45s in hand stamped and numbered gold sleeves. Expected to follow usual PY procedure and sell out super quick!

Red Ochre & Movida