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Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Blue Moon Rising EP

Sour Mash

limited exclusive gold 12"

Released: 6th Mar 2020


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Coming off the back of the High Flying Birds’ ‘This is the place’ EP, ‘Blue Moon Rising’ is all club stomp & late night nihilism tantalisingly sluiced together.

Noel says of the single: "It was written in Abbey Road last November on the same day I wrote ‘Black Star Dancing’. It’s that good, it sounds like it took 5.4 people to come up with it. It’s already a live standard and we haven’t even played it yet.”

Blue Moon Rising EP


  1. Blue Moon Rising
  2. Wandering Star
  3. Come On Outside
  4. Blue Moon Rising (The Reflex Revision)
  5. Blue Moon Rising (7” Mix)