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Andy Shauf

The Neon Skyline



Released: 24th Jan 2020


180g lp in gatefold sleeve

Released: 24th Jan 2020

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Following up 2016’s ‘The Party’ was going to be no mean feat, thankfully Cap’n Shauf is more than up to the task, twirling tales of bar room excess with a Paul Simon lilt to captivating effect.


with songs that resemble tuneful vignettes of small moments and big hearts, andy shauf is fast becoming one of the most important songwriters of his generation. on his latest, ‘the neon skyline’, shauf intertwines stories of a group of friends who frequent a local dive bar, and through them, makes poignant observations about human nature with a novelist’s detail and melancholic humour. the songwriting is down to earth, yet sophisticated and inventively melodic. 'the neon skyline' is a creative leap for this already acclaimed artist. “a remarkably evolved variety of break-up album” 7/10 - Uncut

The Neon Skyline


  1. Neon Skyline - 3:38
  2. Where Are You Judy - 3:21
  3. Clove Cigarette - 2:55
  4. Thirteen Hours - 2:58
  5. Things I Do - 2:27
  6. Living Room - 3:05
  7. Dust Kids - 2:40
  8. The Moon - 3:36
  9. Try Again - 3:48
  10. Fire Truck - 3:21
  11. Changer - 3:01