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Released: 6th Mar 2020


limited edition neon orange lp in die-cut sleeve

Released: 6th Mar 2020

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Powys trio whose free-spirited invention and exuberant intensity flows through their experimental pop: hypnotic, exhilarating and defiantly unique.

With nods towards Arthur Russell and Jenny Hval, ‘Eyelet’ is a mini symphony of driven electronica inspired by Welsh cultural theorist Raymond Williams’ novel ‘People Of The Black Mountains’, thawed throughout by yearning vocals about the quiet strength of generations of women. Young Fathers inflected rhythms can be heard on ‘Radel 10’ that accompanies the multi-tracked instrumental variations and defiant lyrics that were inspired in part by ‘The Good Immigrant’ - a landmark anthology of essays on race and immigration by BAME writers. “exploring Tortoise-like post-jazz territory before transitioning into a swirling, Slowdive-like trance” 7/10 - Uncut



  1. Caterpillar
  2. Good Grief
  3. Treasure
  4. Geese
  5. Sgwylfa Rock
  6. Radel 10
  7. Clouds
  8. Florist
  9. Moon
  10. No Host
  11. Gyratory Circus