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Drive-By Truckers

The Unraveling

ato records


Released: 31st Jan 2020


lp + booklet

Released: 31st Jan 2020


The blue-collar rockers succeed in sifting heart and soul from the smouldering wreckage and disarray surrounding their daily lives.

The typically prolific DBT took a little longer than is usual with “The Unravelling” but the songs that eventually emerged are among drive-by truckers’ most direct and pointedly provocative, tackling the myriad horrors of our new normal through sincere emotion and unbridled heart. indeed, ‘armageddon’s back in town’ takes a whirlwind joyride through the whiplash of events we collectively deal with each day while the concluding ‘awaiting resurrection’ dives headfirst into the despair and pain roiled up by these troubled times. “Musically this is business as usual but with the politics turned up to maximum.” – Americana Music Show

The Unraveling


  1. Rosemary with a Bible and a Gun
  2. Armageddon’s Back in Town
  3. Slow Ride Argument
  4. Thoughts and Prayers
  5. 21st Century USA
  6. Heroin Again
  7. Babies in Cages
  8. Grievance Merchants
  9. Awaiting Resurrection