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ren harvieu

Revel In The Drama

bella union


Released: 3rd Apr 2020



Released: 3rd Apr 2020


limited indes-only 180g clear lp + download

Released: 3rd Apr 2020

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Confident & alluring follow up, crackling with sexual tension and aching vulnerability, from a sassy songstress capable of undoing you with an acerbic line.

 think of ‘revel in the drama’ as harvieu’s second debut album; a new beginning. harvieu’s defiance against the odds and her willingness to lay herself open to make what she believed was within her is baked into every groove of the record, across every stylistic turn: the giddy pop of ‘strange thing’, the gothic swoon of ‘cruel disguise’, the smokey seductiveness of ‘yes please’ through to the stirring torchsong finale ‘my body she is alive’. “i’ve created a second chance for myself“ she says. “and i will keep creating second chances for myself, because this is my life and i’m not afraid to revel in it anymore.” revel in the drama of ren harvieu - finally we all can too. FFO: Lana Del Rey, Aldous Harding, Angel Olsen. “A record that feels as if it’s luxuriating in its new self-knowledge, all stringed epiphanies, luscious indulgence and looking glass poses” 4/5 - Mojo

Revel In The Drama


  1. Strange Thing
  2. Teenage Mascara
  3. This Is How You Make Me Feel
  4. Curves And Swerves
  5. Cruel Disguise
  6. Yes Please
  7. Spirit Me Away
  8. This Is Our Love
  9. You Don’t Need Me
  10. Tomorrow’s Girl Today
  11. Little Raven
  12. My Body She Is Alive