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WASTED SHIRT (Ty Segall & Brian Chippendale)

Fungus II

Famous Class Records

limited u.k indies exclusive orange lp (500 only)

Released: 28th Feb 2020



Released: 28th Feb 2020



Released: 28th Feb 2020

£25.99 £17.98

Pure, unadulterated ruthless sonic mayhem from a pair of righteous fuzz and noise-niks.

This album is exploding euphoria from start to finish. The more you play it, the better it kabongs you upside your head. Hectic doesn't even begin to describe it. Brian (Chippendale) and Ty (Segall), two mere particles in the grand scheme, collide at high speed, the technicians dive for cover, the reaction is recorded. Mutation is achieved. This is Freedom Rock. Turn up the volume. Hasten your emancipation. Sonic joy awaits. FFO: Lightning Bolt, Ty Segall, blown eardrums. “Unrefined and uninhibited, Fungus II is a visceral journey through layers of chaos that refuse to be subdued.” 7/10 – Exclaim!

Ian says: Shock horror! Never really ‘got’ Ty before. Luckily Brian from Lightning Bolt has helped me to understand his genius.Thanks Brian.  

Fungus II


  1. All is Lost
  2. Zeppelin 5
  3. Fist is my Ward
  4. Harsho
  5. Double the Dream
  6. The Purple One
  7. Fungus 2
  8. Eagle Slaughters Graduation
  9. Four Strangers Enter the Cement at Dusk