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Soccer Mommy

color theory

loma vista


Released: 28th Feb 2020


Sophie allison’s played a blinder on her second full-length; a masterclass in melancholic lyricism and dulcet diy-pop songwriting.

the album confronts the ongoing mental health and familial trials that have plagued the 22-year-old artist since pre-pubescence, presenting listeners with an uncompromisingly honest self-portrait, and reminding us exactly why her critically-acclaimed debut, 2018’s ‘Clean’, made her a hero to many. Wise beyond her years, Allison is a songwriter capable of capturing the fleeting moments of bliss that make an embattled existence temporarily beautiful. Allison is a gifted storyteller, one who is able to take personal experience and project it to universal scale. this’ll be an absolute back o’ the net for fans of snail mail, lucy dacus, phoebe bridgers, tomberlin, haley heynderickx, julien baker, boygenius and the like. “a leap forward on nashville native’s second with band” 8/10 – uncut.

color theory


  1. bloodstream
  2. circle the drain
  3. royal screw up
  4. night swimming
  5. crawling in my skin
  6. yellow is the color of her eyes
  7. up the walls
  8. lucy
  9. stain
  10. gray light