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League of Imaginary Nations


Released: 7th Feb 2020



Released: 7th Feb 2020


another beaming record fizzing with creative ingenuity from the art-rock stalwarts, seamlessly combining a wide range of instrumentation, mournful midnight choirs and ambient swells in collaboration with found sounds and frozen moments.

Drawing from the deep artistic wells of Shawn Everett, ‘Homogenic’ by Bjork, Roy Orbison and ambient Eno recordings, the album was Inspired by sci-fi soundtracks (Jóhann Jóhannsson, Jerry Goldsmith, Mica Levi), experimental theatre scores, unpredictable electronica & futuristic pop. Nic Nell’s wild synth improvisations, driven through a collection of idiosyncratic 80’s delays became a huge part of the ‘Carousel’ sound, drawing from the experimental electronic palette of his ‘Casually Here’ recordings. As ever, Che Albrighton’s furiously energetic drums power the whole operation relentlessly to its target, with spontaneous detail and featherlight touch.



  1. Be Somebody Else
  2. Carousel
  3. Run
  4. Imaginary Nation
  5. Howling At The Moon
  6. I Surrender
  7. Algorhythm
  8. Snake Oil
  9. Super Blue Blood Moon
  10. Last Things First