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Lightning Bolt

Ride the Skies (2020 REISSUE)

thrill jockey


Released: 21st Feb 2020


‘Ride The Skies’ is the second album by Lightning Bolt and this re-release makes it available to fans for the first time since its original release.

Compared to their first album it’s cleaner and tighter, recorded in studio rather than live. Lightning Bolt never fail to make magic, filling a space with loud, raw sound. Sounds of synth or guitar turn out to be bass and riffs become patterns, become a beat in the background, become a wall of noise, become a clear sound above it all. Lightning Bolt are known for the sound that truly comes into its own in this album. ‘Ride The Skies’ is re-released with deluxe packaging featuring jacket art that was designed by Brian Chippendale for the original release but has never been realized until now. Recent Thrill Jockey Lightning Bolt re-releases seem to move as quickly as the Brians playing live, as old and new fans jump at the rare opportunity to finally get an old favourite in a shiny new jacket.

Ride the Skies (2020 REISSUE)


  1. Forcefield
  2. St. Jacques
  3. 13 Monsters
  4. Ride The Sky
  5. The Faire Folk
  6. Into The Mist 2
  7. Wee Ones Parade
  8. Rotator