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sir richard bishop

Oneiric Formulary

Drag City


Released: 17th Apr 2020


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This girl has rode in from the Sun City & he’s brought phantasmic, stupendous, & damn well beguiling sonic sorcery with him in abundance.

with ‘oneiric formulary’, he’s dug deeper into his bag of extra-musical gestures from the eternal and unknowable, along with a few sounds we might recognize, all transmuted for our mortal ears’ enjoyment. sir rick returns to the approach of his dc debut, ‘polytheistic fragments’ — a different sound, a different instrument, for nearly every track, drawing from the music of all nations, including and especially that infamous republic with only one person on the census roll (initials srb). it’s got mad variety, the kind you don’t see much of anymore — an ed sullivan kind of evening out, with some spinning plates, dancing mice, and of course, an appearance from zippy the chimp. “it's more engaging and sonically adventurous than most of what those who consider themselves the lauded experimental jet-set can muster” - Pop Matters

Oneiric Formulary


  1. Call to Order
  2. Celerity
  3. Mit’s Linctus Codeine Co.
  4. Renaissance Nod
  5. Graveyard Wanderers
  6. Dust Devils
  7. Enville
  8. Black Sara
  9. The Coming of the Rats
  10. Vellum