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Ian William Craig

Red Sun Through Smoke



Released: 20th Mar 2020


limited clear red lp + download

Released: 20th Mar 2020


A raw, measured, and intensely haunting masterwork from a musician with a unique and palpable grasp of beauty, loss, & understanding – in short, it is sublime.

Forged in trauma and an intense, bewildering slew of mixed emotions, Ian William Craig has created an album of incredible beauty, sadness and depth. His first for a long while to be centred around the piano (and also one of his most pared back), ‘Red Sun Through Smoke’ is a profoundly moving album, a standout record in a prolific body of work that shows no sign of faltering... and just wait until you hear the Sunn O)))-esque chords on "open like a loss". FFO: Minor Pieces, William Basinski, Fennesz, Grouper, tim hecker “On the surface, the crunchy, lo-fi sounds obscure Craig’s voice, making listeners strain to hear him clearly; below the surface, they are integral to his sound, not an obfuscation but an amplification.  There is value in the struggle, in the static and the smoke.” – A Closer Listen

Red Sun Through Smoke


  1. Random
  2. The Smokefallen
  3. Weight
  4. Comma
  5. Condx QRN
  6. Mountains Astray
  7. Take
  8. Last of the Lantern Oil
  9. Supper
  10. Far and then Farther
  11. Open Like a Loss
  12. Stories