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Welcome To Bobby's Motel

Partisan Records


Released: 26th Jun 2020


An absolute romp of manic post-punk funk & rousing vocal camaradarie; their debut is all about noisy fun &, by this yard stick alone, it's passed with flying colours.

Fusing frenetic energy with painstaking precision, the record is part post-punk, part art-pop, & part dance floor acid trip, hinting at everything from Devo, to parquet courts, to Gang of Four as it boldly careens through genres & decades. The music is driven by explosive drums & off-kilter guitar riffs that drill themselves into your brain, accented with deep, funky grooves & rousing gang vocals. The production is similarly raw & wild, suggesting an air of anarchy that belies the music’s careful architecture & meticulous construction. The result is an album full of ambitious, complex performances that exude joy & mayhem in equal measure, a collection that’s alternately virtuosic, chaotic, & pure fun.

Welcome To Bobby's Motel

  1. Welcome to Bobby's Motel
  2. Hot Heater
  3. Under the Wires
  4. Bobby's Forecast
  5. Down In The Dumps
  6. Reflection
  7. Texas Drums Pt I & II
  8. NY Inn
  9. What's In Fashion?
  10. Take Your Time
  11. Hot Like Jungle