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Broken Social Scene Live At Third Man Records

Third Man Records LLC


Released: 28th Feb 2020


Epic, panoramic, and intimate all at the same time, the legendary Toronto collective Broken Social Scene.

An ideal artist to soundtrack an evening. Their live set was captured, mixed and mastered in real time via the world's only live venue and direct-to-acetate lathe cutting studio. Third Man are very excited to invite you all to be a part of this live recording in the only venue in the world where performance, art and tactile transcription methodologies converge... //// Third Man Records had the pleasure of hosting the legendary Toronto collective Broken Social Scene began as an ebbing and flowing collective of artists in the late 90s, collaborating to create a distinct strand of indie rock that is both perplexingly maximal and straight-up catchy. The band kicked off the set with emotive fan favorite "Cause = Time", then transitioning into "Stay Happy," the lead track from 2017's "Hug of Thunder," in all it's hypnotic, horn-driven grandeur. Then, on the flip side, the album's 2-song B-side wraps with the slow-build anthem "It's All Gonna Break," a song once described as "Bob Seger on acid." Really, how else would you want a show to close? With the release of this live album, Third Man is very excited to invite all to be a part of this special experience, Broken Social Scene's first commercially available live album. First commercially available live album of Broken Social Scene's cathartic live show - Recorded Direct-to-Acetate, a hyper-direct analog recording method which is, globally, only available at Third Man Records - Features new hits (Stay Happy) and fan favorites (Cause = Time, It's All Gonna Break) Album Focus Track - Stay Happy (Live)

Broken Social Scene Live At Third Man Records


  1. Gonna Get Better
  2. Cause = Time
  3. Stay Happy
  4. It's All Gonna Break
  5. Superconnected