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Released: 14th Aug 2020


2cd + dvd

Released: 14th Aug 2020



Released: 14th Aug 2020


limited indies-only splatter lp + 7" + cd

Released: 14th Aug 2020


our local folk rock faves return for an 11th album of electrifying and rebellious intent.

'Peace' is the most relevant album of 2020. Its 11 songs are a charged reaction to a world that seems to be teetering on the edge of madness and self-destruction. It’s been a long journey to get here. 'Peace' arrives almost eight years since the Brighton band’s last album of original material, 2012’s 'Static On The Airwaves'. Produced at the band’s own Metway Studios by longtime collaborator Sean Lakeman, 'Peace' possesses the clarity and directness of early Levellers classics such as their 1990 debut album 'A Weapon Called The Word' and its landmark follow-up, 'Levelling The Land'.




1. Food, Roof, Family

2. Generation Fear

3. Four Boys Lost

4. Burning Hate Like Fire

5. Born That Way

6. Our New Day

7. Calling Out

8. Ghosts In The Water

9. The Men Who Would Be King

10. Albion & Phoenix

11. Our Future


2CD (bonus tracks)

1. All The Unknown

2. Sleep Well

3. Improperty

4. Revelation

5. The Men who would be King (Max Pashm Remix)

6. That Way Born (Hannah Moule Remake)

7. Burning Hate Like Fire (Lean Fiddler Remix)

8. Generation Fear (Alex Banks Remix)

9. Our Future (Cut La Roc Remix)




Food Roof Family (Live at Metway) / Generation Fear / Video Nasty / Four Boys Lost / Burning Hate Like Fire / Born That Way / Our New Day (Live at Metway) / Calling Out / Ghosts in the Water (Acoustic – Live  at Metway) / The Men who would be King / Albion & Phoenix / Our Future



A1. Food, Roof, Family

A2. Generation Fear

A3. Four Boys Lost

A4. Burning Hate Like Fire

A5. Born That Way

A6. Our New Day

B1. Calling Out

B2. Ghosts In The Water

B3. The Men Who Would Be King

B4. Albion & Phoenix

B5. Our Future


Bonus 7" (with Coloured LP - OTFLP31S)

A1. Food, Roof, Family (Live in the Studio)

B1. Our New Day (Live in the Studio)