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Shuffle And Go



Released: 28th Feb 2020


Rollicking pastoral ditties from the undisputed folk behemoths.

With no introduction required for these stalwarts of the british folk rock scene it’s suffice to say that “shuffle and go” is fairport convention's thirtieth studio album and it spans a wide range of moods and textures, never deviating from a formula that ain’t been broke for over fifty years. “An album that will delight the aficionados inspiring us all to look back on an amazing career whilst looking forward to what will be produced in the coming years.” – Tarka Blowpig Music

Shuffle And Go


  1. Don't Reveal My Name
  2. Cider Rain
  3. Good Time For A Fiddle And Bow The Christmas Eve Reel
  4. A Thousand Bars
  5. Shuffle And Go
  6. Moses Waits
  7. Steampunkery
  8. Linseed Memories
  9. The Year Of Fifty Nine
  10. The Byfield Steeplechase
  11. Moondust And Solitude
  12. Jolly Springtime
  13. Precious Time