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throwing muses

Sun Racket

fire records

limited indies only violet lp in laser cut sleeve + download

Released: 4th Sep 2020



Released: 4th Sep 2020



Released: 4th Sep 2020


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the eminent indie rockers have created a masterfully dynamic record of swampy grunge and tender art-pop; we can almost forgive them for the 7-year wait.

The follow-up to 2013’s ‘Purgatory/Paradise’ is an outpouring of modal guitars, reverbed shapes, echoey drums and driving bass set behind Kristin Hersh’s well-thumbed notebook of storylines. A ten-song opus of suitably wrought tales set against a wall of sound that’s at once calm and ethereal before building into glorious cacophonous crescendos. “All [sun racket] asked of us was to co-mingle two completely disparate sonic vocabularies: one heavy noise, the other delicate music box.” - Kristin Hersh. “Sun Racket is something special, hallucinatory and primal without feeling forced and laboured” 4/5 – the arts desk.

Sun Racket


  1. Dark Blue
  2. Bywater
  3. Maria Laguna
  4. Bo Diddley Bridge
  5. Milk At Mcdonald’s
  6. Upstairs Dan
  7. St Charles
  8. Frosting
  9. Kay Catherine
  10. Sue's