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Do Nothing

Zero Dollar Bill

Exact Truth


Released: 10th Apr 2020


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often sincere, beguiling & a heck-load of fun all in the same rowdy verse - this is a zealous outing from a four-piece with a lot to shout about.

do nothing are childhood friends vocalist chris bailey, guitarist kasper sandstrom, bassist charles howarth and andrew harrison on drums. This ep muses on the state of the world as well as bailey’s own personal experiences in the past several years since the formation of the band. It also offers a window into the band’s incendiary live show, providing more acerbic lyricism in the lineage of lcd soundsystem and an air of talking heads’ intoxicating pop.

Zero Dollar Bill


  1. Comedy Gold
  2. New Life
  3. Contraband
  4. LeBron James
  5. Fits