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green lp

Released: 13th Mar 2020


A trip - a story of loss, love, abuse and friendship set in the semi-fictional world of SubSuburbia.

A story of the big move to the big city, claustrophobia and heartache, insecurity and pride. Sun drenched Americana dragged backwards through the 90’s Britpop scene via George Harrison’s house. Spoken word interludes appear like magnifying glasses over a bloodstained map of the UK. Broken relationships drowned in booze and chemicals, a birds eye view of a total destruction of hope, a hopelessly romantic saga. A trip to France, memories of drunk school friends and first loves, purity and the scrap of positivity that pulls us all through when we’re at our worst. Holding a mirror to the very best and the absolute worst of British people, places and things. Musical influences range from The Go Betweens to Radiohead all the way to Leonard Cohen and Serge Gainsbourg whilst remaining a record only Dan Lyons, with his unique worldview and experience could produce.



  1. SubSuburbia (pt.1)
  2. Mr. Meaner
  3. Thin Black Duke
  4. Frank
  5. SubSuburbia (pt.2)
  6. Biarritz (ft Clemence Quelennec)
  7. Change The Words
  8. Sub Suburbia (pt.3)
  9. Big Moon
  10. Part Time Creep
  11. Rohypnol
  12. SubSuburbia (pt.4)
  13. Easy Aperutre