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the unthanks

Here's The Tender Coming (2023 reissue)

180g 2lp in gatefold sleeve w/ booklet including new foreword by Nick Hornby - £26.99 | Buy
Originally released and licensed to EMI in 2009, 'Here’s The Tender Coming' is now reissued on RabbleRouser Music.
the unthanks

Sorrows Away

180g 2LP w/laser-etched 4th side - 1 per customer - £22.99 | Buy
Perhaps you heard? The most important and best loved British folk group in the last 20 years have been on the road since mid-April 2022 showcasing Sorrows Away....
the unthanks

Lines - Part One: LillianBilocca

cd - £7.99 | Buy
Lines is a trilogy of song cycles from the adored duo and friends, with very different subjects but each inspired by poetry and focused on a different female pe...
the unthanks

Mount The Air

2lp with etched fourth side - £26.99
Musically more ambitious than ever, the Mercury nominated Geordies are still a combination of grounded tradition & filmic orchestration, but here they take ...
Diversions Vol.5 - Live And Unaccompanied
  1. One By One
  2. Magpie
  3. I'm Weary Of Lying Alone
  4. Geordie Wedding Set
  5. Griesly Bride
  6. Bees
  7. Guard Yer Man Weel
  8. Poor Mum
  9. Where've Yer Bin Dick
  10. We Picked Apples In A Graveyard Freshly Mowed
  11. Bread And Roses
  12. Caught In A Storm
  13. Farewell Shanty

the unthanks

Diversions Vol.5 - Live And Unaccompanied

RabbleRouser Music
  • cd

    Released: 20th Mar 2020

  • lp + dvd

    Released: 20th Mar 2020


we’re super grateful for this spellbinding live performance from The Unthanks, as they return to their roots by singing brand new songs in unaccompanied harmony.

Recorded live across a five-week tour, these are not live versions of songs made for a studio album. Treating unaccompanied song as a performance art in storytelling that requires an audience, these are the definitive versions! On this record, they fully explore their rich and unique vocal combinations, with brand new material and arrangements. ***This special edition includes the film ‘As We Go’, an atmospheric and beautifully shot account of life on the road, through the eyes of filmmaker Ainslie Henderson. The film features concert highlights, behind the scenes footage, family life and special performances during soundchecks and in found spaces, in and outdoor during the tour, all exclusive to the film and only available on DVD as part of this special edition of ‘Diversions Vol 5 - Live And Unaccompanied’.***