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A Celebration of Endings



Released: 14th Aug 2020


album number eight is a bombastic & career defining affair that sees them launch headfirst into walls of anthemic alt-rock & epic, string-laden atmospheres.

'North of No South’ hits hard before finding the space for the Johnston brothers to unleash some soaring Queen-style vocal harmonies, before ‘The Champ’ throws piano, cinematic strings & Biffy’s prototyped jagged rhythms into the mix without ever losing any of its sleekness. ‘Tiny Indoor Fireworks’ is the best direct rock anthem they’ve ever written, somehow snappy, melodic & light on its feet while feeling so natural you could imagine it was conceived in minutes. “Anthemic choruses abound, coated in blistering guitar riffs & the visceral energy of a band that have long graced the stages of the world’s biggest stadiums, their newest record is a spectacular show by its very nature” 8.5/10 – line of best fit.

A Celebration of Endings


  1. North Of No South
  2. The Champ
  3. Weird Leisure
  4. Tiny Indoor Fireworks
  5. Worst Type Of Best Possible
  6. Space
  7. End Of
  8. Instant History
  9. The Pink Limit
  10. Opaque
  11. Cop Syrup