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Hot Slick

Haus of PINS

limited indies transparent orange lp

Released: 29th May 2020



Released: 29th May 2020



Released: 29th May 2020


the post-punk/electro-pop trio return with a vibrant third album filled with neon synths, loud guitars, and cheeky melodies that create the sound of a girl gang refreshed and amplified.

'Hot Slick' features a trio of oh-so-cool singles: the glitchy and cathartic title track (produced by Jamie Hince of The Kills) and anthemic “Bad Girls Forever” (produced by Rich Woodcraft) as well as the high-heeled skittering beat struts of “Ponytail”. The resulting album highlights an expanded soundscape with nods to influences such as Soulwax, LCD Soundsystem, Suicide, and New Order. "PINS have added a little electronic glamour to their latest offering as singer Faith Vern delivers the catchy hook" - Far Out Magazine.

Hot Slick


  1. Hot Slick
  2. Bad Girls Forever
  3. Ponytail
  4. After Hours
  5. Daisies
  6. Read My Lips
  7. Set Me Off
  8. Love You To Death
  9. Ghosting
  10. Bad Habit