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Hania Rani


2lp in gatefold sleeve - £25.99 | Buy
cd - £12.99 | Buy
Rani sits outside classification and genre, but the alluring ‘Ghosts’ has an innately familiar feel to it.
Hania Rani

On Giacometti

cd - £17.99
"On Giacometti" is a collection of beautiful recordings inspired by the renowned artist and family and features some of Rani's most profoundly del...
Hania Rani

Music for Film and Theatre

lp - £21.99 | Buy
The neoclassical marvel has self-curated this retrospective of her own favourites, which she composed for numerous film & theatre soundtracks over the years...

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Agnes Obel


LP - £23.99 | Buy
CD - £7.99 | Buy
a simply beautiful record of striking vocals set against sparse instrumentation.
lubomyr melnyk

Fallen Trees

lp + download - £19.99 | Buy
known as ‘the prophet of the piano’, Melnyk renews his title with an absolutely spectacular series of recordings that rush with a stunning vivacity ...
  1. Leaving
  2. Buka
  3. Nest
  4. Letter to Glass
  5. Home
  6. Zero Hour
  7. F Major
  8. Summer
  9. Rurka
  10. Tennen
  11. I'll Never Find Your Soul
  12. Ombelico
  13. Come Back Home

Hania Rani


gondwana records
  • 2lp

    Released: 3rd Jul 2020


the gifted pianist follows up a lustrous debut with this pivotal record on which she introduces her own crystalline vocals and subtle synth textures, adding further depth to her neoclassical exhibitions.

Her debut album 'Esja', a beguiling collection of solo piano pieces on Gondwana Records was released to international acclaim, just a year prior to this record. If the compositions on Esja were born out of a fascination with the piano as an instrument, then her follow-up, the expansive, cinematic, 'Home', finds Rani expanding her palate: adding vocals and subtle electronics to her music. Fans of hauschka, lubomyr melnyk and poppy ackroyd will love the intricate piano playing and - With the welcome addition of hania's gossamer vocals - this album is a must for fans of agnes obel.