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Rafael Anton Irisarri



limited clear lp + download

Released: 6th Nov 2020



Released: 22nd May 2020


Deeply mood-setting electronica, irisarri's most personal record yet is an overwhelming wash of emotive drones and broiling synth swells.

While Irisarri’s compositions typically field an array of modern ambient overtones threaded through oceanic symphonies with tape loops, bowed electric guitar and vast washes of overdriven sound, his debut album for Dais Records portray these common themes giving way to metal and classical influences that emphasizes Irisarri’s melancholic tendencies. These unique overtures, coupled with his signature layering of distortion and bleached-out textures, fabricate an audible environment that would seemingly be at odds with, yet gracefully complement each other. This is a must for fans of fennesz, loscil and bvdub.

Ferg says: “Deeply atmospheric mood music that plays with dynamics brilliantly & gives you a perpetual sense of exquisite dread through its creeping drones”




  1. I Still Have the Sun to Cast a Light
  2. Between Negative Voids
  3. Mellified
  4. Arduous Clarity
  5. Refuge/Refuse
  6. Yearn
  7. Fright and Control
  8. Vanishing Points