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the fall

live in motherwell 1996

Cog Sinister


Released: 10th Apr 2020


the Iconic & much-loved post-punk band were often regarded as being at their best live, and this set, recorded in Motherwell in 1996, captures the band at their blistering & abrasive best! 15 tracks, including: ‘Mr.

Pharmacist’; ‘Houses of Eve’; ‘Big New Prinz’; ‘Behind the Counter’; ‘The Chiselers’; ‘The Mixer’ and many more.

live in motherwell 1996


  1. Intro
  2. Houses Of Eve M5
  3. He Pep
  4. Mixer
  5. Cheetham Hill
  6. Oleano
  7. Mr Pharmacist
  8. The Chiselers
  9. Spinetrack
  10. Das Vultur
  11. US 80s 90s
  12. Behind The Counter
  13. The Joke
  14. Big New Prinz