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the fall

Live from the New York Tramps, 1994

Cog Sinister


Released: 10th Apr 2020


Often considered to be at their caustic best live, this blistering set was recorded at the infamous Tramps in New York in 1994.

Tracks include: ‘Behind the Counter’; ‘M5’; ‘Reckoning’; ‘Ladybird (Green Grass)’; ‘Big New Prinz’; ‘Glam Racket’; ‘L.A.’; ‘Dead Beat Descendant’ & many more.

Live from the New York Tramps, 1994


  1. Behind the Counter
  2. M5
  3. 15 Ways
  4. Reckoning
  5. Free range
  6. Ladybird (Green Grass)
  7. War
  8. Big New Prinz
  9. Middle Class Revolt
  10. Lost In Music
  11. Glam Racket
  12. L.A.
  13. Dead Beat Descendant