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phoebe bridgers


Dead Oceans

limited gatefold LP + oversize lyrics & illustrations booklet + download - 1 per customer

Released: 19th Jun 2020



Released: 19th Jun 2020


that this album was going to be some sort of beautiful emotional battering ram was almost a given, but the introduction of new instrumental textures and dynamics makes it her deepest and most satisfying record yet.

'Punisher' cements her as one of the most irresistibly clever and tenderly prolific songwriters of our era. The album includes guest performances form the likes of Conor Oberst, Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker, Blake Mills, Jenny Lee Lindberg and Nick Zinner. “Punisher ends with a thunderstorm of manic, discordant brass and drums and a pained scream, the physical culmination of the undercurrent of doom that has lurked throughout. But you emerge feeling not deflated but purged. Punisher has the effect of a particularly pummelling massage” 4/5 – the independent



  1. DVD Menu
  2. Garden Song 
  3. kyoto
  4. punisher
  5. halloween
  6. chinese satellite 
  7. moon song
  8. savior complex
  9. icu
  10. graceland too
  11. i know the end

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