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Trace Mountains

Lost In Country



Released: 15th May 2020


opaque light blue lp

Released: 15th May 2020


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lying somewhere between folk rock and dream pop but with a healthy chug, this bucolic album will make you want to frolic through the woods, dressed in plaid and with a loyal dog at your heel.

Sporting a gorgeous, fluttering voice (sufjan stevens-esque), this will appeal to fans of bright eyes, Little Kid, red house painters and elliott smith. Trace Mountains' 'Lost in The Country' is the new album from Dave Benton (formerly of LVL Up and ex-co-owner of indie label Double Double Whammy.) First release for Lame-O Records, 'Lost in The Country' feels like Phil Elverum tinkering with a dash of Lambchop electronics.

Lost In Country


  1. Rock & Roll
  2. Dog Country
  3. Me & May
  4. I am Leaving You
  5. Lost in the Country
  6. Benji
  7. Fallin’ Rain
  8. Absurdity
  9. Turn to Blue