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Cavern of Anti-Matter

In Fabric OST


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Released: 12th May 2020


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Interviewed in The Wire about the soundtrack, Strickland commented: “I was a fan of Stereolab and so much of the music I fell in love with was because of their recommendations whenever they were interviewed".

"Using Steven Stapleton’s music in my first film indirectly came about from first hearing Nurse With Wound on the joint Crumb Duck release with Stereolab. Stereolab were a whole world, what with their championing of other bands through their Duophonic label. After meeting Tim and talking about film it made complete sense to ask him if he would do something. That was unusual in that I didn’t have any specific project in mind. Tim sent me some very long demos to help me write, he implicitly understood that longer tracks are more conducive to writing. Elements of some of those demos worked their way into 'In Fabric'. It was a luxury to work that way, usually, musicians are only approached after writing”.

In Fabric OST


A1. High Street Spasm

A2. The Dress Perspective (demonstration) 

A3. January-upon-Thames

A4. An Ambiguous Shopfloor Manoeuvre

A5. Cold Fabric (Transformation)


B1. Inside Luckmoore

B2. Mannequin Metric

B3. Queue Nightfall


C1. The Dress Perspective (Muzak)

C2. Elektro-Modulator 2

C3. Taktron Delay

C4. Cold Fabric (Incantation)

C5. The Mediterranean-upon-Thames

C6. Winter Rhombic

C7. Clutch Assembly Tone

D1. ZinZan’s Avec Moi

D2. Speaks Machine

D3. Terminal Wigwag

D4. Night Fabric

D5. Staverton’s Loss

D6. Elektro-Agitator 2


E1. Terminal Metric

E2. Metric 36

E3. The Retail Idea

E4. The Dress Perspective

E5. Cold Fabric (Descent)

E6. Coven Metric

E7. Taktron Decay

E8. An Ambiguous Shopfloor Manoeuvre (Spanish)


F1. Terminal Wigwag (Bananas)

F2. Perimeter Display

F3. Nocturne-upon-Thames

F4. Transmission Mounting Bolt

F5. EN-54 (Branch Circuit)

F6. Mannequin Mass