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self released

very limited (100 only) *second press* lp + booklet + download

Released: 7th Aug 2020


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Salt-bitten post-punk and ethereal introspection from Brighton's grasshopper (small ‘g’).

The culmination of eight years of playing together, 'SCUTTLE' features nine blistering and beautiful tracks filtered through the well-reverbed ears of Cure producer David M Allen. Ranging from the urgent and growling - as on 'I Think It's Time to Wake Up Now' and live favourite 'Backwards' - to the almost supernatural melancholy of album closers 'Hymn' and 'The Great Unravelling', 'SCUTTLE' is every bit as vital, original, and distinct as the seminal post-punk albums preceding it.



  1. Obsession / Repetition
  2. I Think It’s Time to Wake Up Now
  3. Leonidas
  4. The Hand on the Knife
  5. Backwards
  6. GRIN
  7. October
  8. Hymn
  9. The Great Unravelling