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Flying Lotus

Flamagra (Instrumentals)


2LP +"custom turntable powered psychedelic zoetrope slipmat and labels designed by Drew Tetz" + Download

Released: 29th May 2020


To celebrate the anniversary of the original album, Flying Lotus presents Flamagra (Instrumentals), shining a light on Flylo’s untouchable arrangements and production.

Flamagra (Instrumentals)


  1. Heroes
  2. Post Requisite
  3. Heroes In A Half Shell
  4. More (Instrumental)
  5. Capillaries
  6. Burning Down The House (Instrumental)
  7. Spontaneous (Instrumental)
  8. Takashi
  9. Pilgrim Side Eye
  10. All Spies
  11. Yellow Belly (Instrumental)
  12. Black Balloons Reprise (Instrumental)
  13. Fire Is Coming (Instrumental)
  14. Inside Your Home
  15. Actually Virtual (Instrumental)
  16. Andromeda
  17. Remind U
  18. Say Something
  19. Debbie Is Depressed
  20. Find Your Own Way Home
  21. The Climb (Instrumental)
  22. Pygmy
  23. 9 Carrots (Instrumental)
  24. FF4
  25. Land Of Honey (Instrumental)
  26. Thank U Malcolm
  27. Hot Oct.