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Spiritual Vegas



Released: 10th Jul 2020


lp + download

Released: 10th Jul 2020


the allah-las guitarist's solo sophomore represents a more polished and glittering version of his debut's wafting lo-fi psychedelia.

While Ray Davies-smirks and Kevin Ayers-wit abound, Siadatian’s singular touch is unmistakable. 'Spiritual Vegas' features a rogue’s gallery of players with performances by Jackson Macintosh (TOPS, Sheer Agony) on bass and guitar, Nick Murray (White Fence, Oh Sees) on drums, and brothers-in-Las Spencer Dunham and Matt Correia on bass and percussion respectively. The production is a clear departure from PAINT’s debut- with an increased clarity and tonal variety, drawing inspiration from 80’s/90’s art-rock like The Meat Puppets and The Magnetic Fields.

Spiritual Vegas


  1. Intro (Phor Phaedra)
  2. Strange World
  3. Grape St.
  4. Lanolin
  5. Flying Fox
  6. Ta Fardah
  7. Why Not, Tick Tock?
  8. Meet Me (In St. Lucia)
  9. Land Man
  10. Tongue Tied
  11. Ballad of Adelaide
  12. Well Of Memory/ODAAT
  13. Impressions
  14. Outro (The Lines I Drew)