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ludovico einaudi

Le Onde (2023 Reissue)

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Released in 1996, Le Onde "The Waves" was the first solo piano album released by Ludovico Einaudi.
Ludovico Einaudi

Nuvole Bianche

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Nuvole Bianche "White Clouds" was written for Ludovico Einaudi's hugely popular seminal album 'Una Mattina'.
ludovico einaudi

Diario Mali (20th Anniversary)

Limited Red 2LP - £36.99 | Pre Order
CD - £15.99 | Pre Order
To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Diario Mali, Ludovico Einaudi’s collaborative album with Ballaké Sissoko, Decca are proud to release the alb...
ludovico einaudi

Island Essentials (Deluxe Edition)

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ludovico einaudi

In A Time Lapse – Special Edition

expanded 3lp w/ 12 bonus tracks in gatefold sleeve - £58.99 | Buy
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2023 marks the 10th anniversary of Ludovico Einaudi’s most popular album, 'In A Time Lapse'.
The Royal Albert Hall Concert (2020 reissue)

ludovico einaudi

The Royal Albert Hall Concert (2020 reissue)

  • 2cd

    Released: 19th Jun 2020

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Recorded live at London’s legendary Royal Albert Hall at the peak of Einaudi’s European and American tour in2010, showcasing his works/albums “ Nightbook ”, “I Giorni”and Divenire ”.

Einaudi’s live band features To Rococo Rot’s Robert Lippok on live electronics alongside the piano, guitar, percussion and string orchestra, blended seamlessly on material ranging from the sombre “Bye Bye Mon Amour” to the evocative “ Nightbook ”. “Lady Labyrinth” displays Einaudi’s characteristic cyclical piano motif.The