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Released: 7th Aug 2020


2lp + download

Released: 7th Aug 2020


the legendary saxophonist has composed gold once again as he guides his pyramids collective through a truly magical land of afro-jazz-funk wonder, whilst focusing on some rather existential themes.

The band transitions from the political and social commentaries of 2018’s acclaimed ‘An Angel Fell’ into more introspective themes. “I wanted to use this album to touch on some of the issues that we all face as individuals in the inner space of our souls and our conscience,” explains Ackamoor. “The album unfolds over four Acts with personal musical statements about love and loss, mortality, the afterlife, family and salvation.” Evolving around Ackamoor’s intricate compositions, the album takes us effortlessly across moods and emotions through a series of expansive, extended pieces. Fans of pharoah sanders, the heliocentrics and irreversible entanglements will be delighted by this record.



  1. Shaman!
  2. Tango of Love
  3. Eternity
  4. When Will I See You Again?
  5. Salvation
  6. Theme for Cecil
  7. Virgin
  8. The Last Slave Ship
  9. Dogon Mysteries