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CAPOT POINTU (2020 reissue)


limited white lp

Released: 19th Jun 2020


In 1969, Michel Colombier, composer of the credits « Dim Dam Dom », of « Salut les Copains ! », virutoso orchestrator of songs, generics or BOF, creates and conceptualizes the album « Capot Pointu », even if it will remain quite confidential when it was first released.

Accompanied by his lifelong friend, Serge Gainsbourg, who will write 2 texts (« Turlututu Capot Pointu » & « La Rose de Papier »), just like Pierre Delanoë, this album offers a classical writing on modern, jazz or pop rhythms.

CAPOT POINTU (2020 reissue)


  1. Lobellia
  2. Turlututu capot pointu
  3. Du fond de mon lit
  4. Soleil
  5. Suite No 12
  6. Le Labyrinthe
  7. L’étrange voyage de M. Brendwood
  8. La rose de papier
  9. Rose
  10. Canon
  11. The Big Team
  12. Frère Convers