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Thiago Nassif


Gearbox Records


Released: 3rd Jul 2020

£19.99 £13.98


Released: 3rd Jul 2020


Drawing on Brazilian influences (Tropicalia, Bossa Nova) yet equally inspired by No Wave, Post Punk and peak period Bowie, this is an album that filters classic counter cultures through a modern lens.

Co-produced with New York based No Wave legend Arto Lindsay, “Mente”, Thiago Nassif’s 4th full-length (and debut on Gearbox Records), is his most thrilling, accessible and inventive yet. Crammed full of emerging talent from Rio die Janeiro’s current pop, art and film movements, the energy draws parallels to the influential Brazilian 60’s Tropicalismo scene at a time when the need for political expression is once again informing much of Brazil’s artistic output. Nassif is inspired by artists such as Tom Zé, Ricardo Villalobos, Alva Noto, and James Chance. “Post-truth, neoteric, Brazilian-seasoned funky jazz rock, with an acute edginess in both sound and sentiment” 4/5 – narc magazine.



  1. Trepa Trepa
  2. Soar Estranho
  3. Transparente
  4. Pele De Leopardo
  5. Vóz Única Foto Sem Calçinha
  6. Cor
  7. Rijo Jorra Já
  8. Plástico
  9. Santa
  10. Feral Fox