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Damien Jurado

Birds Tricked Into The Trees (rsd 20)


record store day 2020 - light blue 7” with exclusive b side

Released: 29th Aug 2020


What’s New, Tomboy?' is an album that seeks respite in bare minimums and barren revelations: sometimes frail, sometimes affirming, sometimes wry, and usually a threadbare mix of all those sentiments.

It could be considered Damien Jurado’s finest collection of music to date, with songs exuding the inviting warmth of a lone porch light gleaming amidst the disorienting darkness. Though more stripped and grounded in their execution, songs like “Sandra”, “Ochoa” and “Alice Hyatt” are generous and candid in their vocabulary, eschewing the sometimes abstruse imagery of Jurado’s previous releases. “There is no hiding on these tracks.” Though What’s New, Tomboy? is the first Damien Jurado record that ends with a question mark, he has never sounded more assured and content in giving up his ghosts: “I’m only living sentences // That were long before I got here.” new single 'Birds Tricked Into The Trees', along with brand new song ‘From Devils To Davis’ on the b-side, exclusive to this RSD release.

Birds Tricked Into The Trees (rsd 20)


  1. From Devils To Davis
  2. Birds Tricked Into The Trees