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a certain ratio

ACR Loco


limited edition 'first press' random colour lp + download

Released: 25th Sep 2020


‘comeback albums’ can go one of two ways – a cheap knock off of past glories or a radical reinterpretation of the underlying talent that made a band interesting in the first place – acr are firmly in the latter here on this unbelievably good disco-not-disco romp.

The mancunians are no stranger to a groove, and ‘acr loco’ sees them at the most dancefloor ready. Perhaps the biggest masterstroke here is their host of guests, which includes gabe Gurnsey of factory floor and maria & gemma of sink ya teeth who, in their day jobs, rinse early acr for inspiration. Here, they take their own honed style and complete the feedback loop, pumping a modern take on ACR back into the mix, elevating the already incredible songs to a new level. The end result manages to look forward and back at once, with touches of nitzer ebb, new order and soft cell shoulder to shoulder with factory floor, LCD soundsystem and caribou.  A simply sublime achievement, and one that should win over new and old fans alike.

***Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl First pressing available on 1 of 4 colours: White, Blue, Red, Turquoise. Each colour is of varying rarity and will be randomly packed with no external cue as to which colour is available within the package. White Vinyl – very rare (300 copies pressed) Blue Vinyl – quite rare (600 copies pressed) Red Vinyl – fairly rare (900 copies pressed) Turquoise Vinyl – rare (1200 copies pressed) Foil blocked sleeve designed by Trevor Johnson + inner sleeve and booklet Includes high definition audio files of all tracks***

ACR Loco

  1. Friends Around Us
  2. Bouncy Bouncy
  3. Yo Yo Gi
  4. Supafreak
  5. Always In Love
  6. Family
  7. Get A Grip
  8. Berlin
  9. What’s Wrong
  10. Taxi Guy