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gilroy mere


Clay pipe music

very limited amber lp + different colour sleeve (250 only) 1 per person

Released: 11th Sep 2020


very limited red lp (200 only)

Released: 24th Jul 2020


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Oliver cherer’s gently sweeping, bucolic electronica beat a path through reinvigorating sonic landscapes as he meditates on the remains of the rural railway stations that were closed in the wake of the 1963 Beeching Report.

Armed with a digital recorder, oliver made notes and field recordings on his travels around the country and used them as the starting point for a set of pieces that try to capture the fading layers of history in the areas where the stations had once stood, making sure each track retains something of the real place within them. Back in his studio he reacted, improvised, and crafted musical responses to each station, trying to capture the ghosts and former lives of the stations and their imprint on the present. A must for fans of the heartwood institute, justin hopper and faten Kanaan.



  1. Appendix 2
  2. The Age of the Train
  3. Adlestrop
  4. Bethesda in the Rain
  5. End of the Line (Aldeburgh)
  6. Just A River
  7. The Cranleigh Line
  8. Torver & Coppermines
  9. Christ’s Hospital
  10. Black Dog Halt
  11. Ravenscar
  12. Star Crossing