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Juanita Stein




Released: 23rd Oct 2020



Released: 23rd Oct 2020


stein's cool vocals & punchier americana psychedelia make this her most inviting and memorable album to date.

Working with the producer Ben Hillier (Blur, Doves, Nadine Shah), 'Snapshot' was written and recorded over a period of eight months following the sudden death of Stein’s father in 2019. Juanita was exceptionally close to her dad - he was her earliest introduction to music and gifted her a childhood “exploding with sounds of 60s folk, rock’n’roll, delta blues, country and soul”. She describes feeling “a compelling inspiration I’d not felt before” during songwriting sessions for the album. The benefits conferred by the extra time and space, plus being close to home during this time of grief, can be heard in its more expansive, exploratory, sometimes downright psychedelic sound. Despite the album’s tough subject matter, Stein’s voice is, as ever, a balm. A must for fans of jess williamson, h.c. mcentire and margo price.



  1. 1,2,3,4,5,6
  2. L.O.T.F
  3. Lucky
  4. Snapshot
  5. Hey Mama
  6. From Peace
  7. The Mavericks
  8. Reckoning
  9. Take It Or Leave It
  10. In The End