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turbowolf (15 years of hassle)

Hassle Records

Limited half & half hand-numbered Yellow & Crystal Clear lp (pre-order)

Expected Release: 30th Oct 2020


Tubelord were an important part of UK alt/math/indie rock scene that included Tellison, This Town Needs Guns and Tall Ships in the second half of the Noughties.

The appeal here was a UK act working at a grass roots level as part of a scene that was fighting to break through from the underground and beyond. We’ve decided to collect together the album we put out and EP for the first time as it seems fitting for this 15 X 15 campaign

turbowolf (15 years of hassle)


  1. Introduction
  2. Ancient Snake
  3. Seven Severed Heads
  4. Bag O' Bones
  5. TW1
  6. Read & Write
  7. The Big Cut
  8. KJ
  9. A Rose For The Crows
  10. Son (Sun)
  11. Things Could Be Good Again
  12. all The Trees
  13. Let's Die