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how i’m feeling now
  1. pink diamond
  2. forever
  3. claws
  4. 7 years (feat. BJ Burton)
  5. detonate
  6. enemy
  7. i finally understand
  8. c2.0
  9. party 4 u
  10. anthems
  11. visions

charli xcx

how i’m feeling now

  • super limited clear lp

    Released: 18th Sep 2020


What’s left to say about this collection of lockdown bangers? The nervous, joyous energy of these 100 gecs produced tracks are the perfect expression of a restless mind.

The creative process was also to push her collaborative stream in a unique way; opening up the recording, writing, artwork, music videos and more to fans for feedback and contribution - she also further inspired her fans’ creativity, allowing them access to song stems to create remixes and greenscreen footage to be edited using their own imagination. ‘how i’m feeling now’ has given further spotlight to Charli’s status as one of the most adaptable, exciting pop artists working today, and through it’s uniquely collaborative approach, provided a shared space for those who listen to feel safe enough to express themselves however they wish at a time when they need it most.