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pan amsterdam

Ha Chu

def presse

dinked edition 63 - hand-numbered* + springtime green lp* + pan am slip mat* (350 only) *exclusive to dinked

Released: 2nd Oct 2020


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Released: 2nd Oct 2020



Released: 2nd Oct 2020


lush, sophisticated production co-stars with pan’s free-flowing raps across a star-studded yet seamlessly coherent bliss-fest.

Now, on his second album, the oddity is back and being playful with help from Jason Williamson (Sleaford Mods), Jimi Goodwin (Doves) - under his new Producer guise, Coup Diablo - the Parisian sensation/Producer GUTS. Mr.Shn – the Producer that gave us Pan Amsterdam - No Snare with Open Mike Eagle and... Malik Ameer Crumpler, Rapper/Producer with Madison Washington and co-conspirator at Def Pressé, the label Pan Am calls home...

Ha Chu


  1. Toot my own Horn...
  2. Trix (Prod. Malik Ameer)
  3. Tea, of Course
  4. Hannibal Lecture (Feat. Jason Williamson Prod. Coup Diablo)
  5. I Love Duck
  6. Carrot Cake (Prod. by GUTS)
  7. Kun G Chicken (Prod. Mr. Shn)
  8. The Music Made the Decision
  9. Dried Saliva (Prod. Malik Ameer)
  10. Cancelled Check (Prod. Mr. Shn)
  11. Can’t Be Too Romantic
  12. Debtors Skyline (Prod. Mr. Shn)
  13. PM Don (Prod. Mr. Shn)
  14. Al’s courtyard (Prod. Malik Ameer)
  15. Into Old Punks
  16. Hall N Oats (Prod. Leron Thomas)
  17. Script (Prod. Coup Diablo)
  18. The New York Hustle

dinked edition 63


-springtime green lp*

-pan am slip mat*

-dinked sticker*

-350 only

*exclusive to dinked