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Memory Streams

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dinked edition 27 - exclusive transparent blue lp + poster of album artwork in spot gloss sleeve + download (500 only) - £24.99
Treading the tightrope between jazz, minimalism and electronica, these guys would be equally at home playing a seated concert hall as they would a sweaty festiv...
paradise cinema
  1. Possible Futures
  2. It Will Be Summer Soon
  3. Casamance
  4. Utopia
  5. Liberté
  6. Digital Palm
  7. Paradise Cinema
  8. Eternal Spring

paradise cinema

paradise cinema

gondwana records
  • limited edition transparent green lp + reverse board sleeve (500 only) + download

    Released: 9th Oct 2020

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This new project from jack wyllie (portico quartet / szun waves) is an absolute winner – recorded in Dakar, Senegal in collaboration with mbalax percussionists Khadim Mbaye (saba drums) and Tons Sambe (tama drums), it’s a masterpiece in making ostensibly experimental music accessible and fascinating.

 The impressionistic and dream-like quality of 'Paradise Cinema' is a stunningly effective realisation of Wyllie's experience, in ahypnagogic state of aural consciousness: "I had a lot of nights in Dakar, when the music around the city would go on until 6am. I could hear this from my bed at night and it all blended together, in what felt like an early version of the record." Atmospherically 'Paradise Cinema' is vaporous and enigmatic, but also percussive; existing in a paradoxical sound-space that's amorphous, yet still purposeful, serene, but propulsive and aesthetically sharp.