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Donna Summer

The Wanderer (40th Anniversary edition)

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mediabook cd

Released: 16th Oct 2020

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“The Wanderer” was released the year after the ‘Disco Demolition Night’ event, which was held, ironically, two days before ‘Bad Girls’ became a US #1 single and despite introducing more rock- infused dance/pop tunes - copied by many Artists through the 1980s - the album - which despite being another US Billboard Top 20 album with a #3 Single - has been under-appreciated.

..until now!  At the same time, the Italian-American aggregation, Change, broke-out from the clubs and into the charts worldwide, with their sublime, slick and classy productions, which also featured and introduced the wider-world to Luther Vandross. 2020  For this 40th Anniversary edition, “The Wanderer” has been re-evaluated and now fuses-together 1980 with 2020, showcasing the strength of the album’s songs, with brand new remixes by the Italian production team behind Change and Artist/Producer/Remixer Le Flex.  After years of silence, in 2018 Mauro Malavasi and Davide Romani resurrected Change with an album that retained their classic sound but with a contemporary twist, produced and mixed with the inhouse production team, Figo Sound, who were invited to remix two of Donna’s tracks.  Figo Sound has created two contemporary radio-friendly tracks, with ‘The Wanderer’, retaining its shuffling beat and ‘Looking Up’, which firmly plants Donna Summer back on the Dancefloor!

The Wanderer (40th Anniversary edition)

  1. The Wanderer [Figo Sound Radio Mix] 3.11
  2. Looking Up [Figo Sound Version] 4.21
  3. Nightlife [Le Flex Sunset Remix - Radio Edit] 3.51
  4. The Wanderer 3.47
  5. LookingUp 3.58
  6. Breakdown 4.09
  7. Grand Illusion 3.55
  8. Running For Cover 4.00
  9. Cold Love 3.40
  10. Who Do You Think You're Foolin' 4.19
  11. Nightlife 4.00
  12. Stop Me 3.45
  13. I Believe In Jesus 3.38
  14. Grand Illusion [Le Flex Poolside Mix] 4.02 15. Looking Up [Figo Sound Extended Version] 6.44 16. Nightlife [Le Flex Sunset Remix] 5.41
  15. The Wanderer [Figo Sound Full Mix] 3.59