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olafur arnalds

some kind of peace

Mercury KX

lp + printed pvc sleeve

Released: 6th Nov 2020


cd + printed pvc sleeve

Released: 6th Nov 2020


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Arnalds is no stranger to expansive and gorgeous music, but here on ‘some kind of peace’ he manages to tie together his disparate influences perfectly for a unique demonstration of his power to conduct a listener’s emotions like an orchestra.

These pieces, like most of his music, have a reflective, cinematic quality but they’re far from soundtracks that can sink into the background – these enormous, breathable tracks give back as much as you put in. You can follow the winding of the separate passages as they melt into each other, sense the drones and feel the change of the scenery as he guides you through the album. An astonishing record that takes his already untouchable catalogue to a whole new level.


some kind of peace

  1. Loom’ feat. Bonobo
  2. ‘Woven Song’
  3. ‘Spiral’
  4. ‘Still / Sound’
  5. ‘Back To The Sky’ feat. JFDR
  6. ‘Zero’
  7. ‘New Grass’
  8. ‘The Bottom Line’ feat. Josin
  9. ‘We Contain Multitudes’
  10. ‘Undone’